Friday, April 28, 2017

Efficient recruiters choose task scheduler in Persia!

Roman commander Gaius Julius Caesar could do several things at the same time, but this is nothing compared to a recruiter who hunt for candidates for several vacancies at once. Recruiter had to call one candidate, write to another, review feedback from job sites, schedule an interview, show resumes to a customer, etc. We know how important and valuable your time is, therefore we added a scheduler to Persia.

How does it work?

To schedule a task, you need to go to Calendar, in the right upper corner click Schedule, and scheduler window will open. Choose an action: it can be Task, Call, Letter or Meeting. Then specify date and time. In the same window you will see if you have other events scheduled for this day — this will help you to avoid overlapping.

Next, mark the task with the obligatory Subject field. For example, if you have appointed a meeting with the customer, you can write in the topic for what reason. Below in field Description you can write down the questions you need to ask the client. You can also attach resume or vacancy to the task.

For example if you’re going to give a feedback to candidate by phone, you can schedule a Call, specify topic, write briefly what you want to tell him, in the column Jobs select necessary one, and in the Resume line enter candidate’s surname. The system will offer you resume options from your candidate database, and you only need to select the required one.

Here you can also specify the Contractor — it can be one of the recruiters connected to account: just select it from the list. In addition, task can be hidden from other users or made visible. To do this, check corresponding box.

After all the information is filled, click the Schedule button, and task will be displayed in your calendar.

If you have appointed the person responsible for task, this person will receive notification in Persia. In the future, the contractor will be able to mark task stage, and you would track it. To do this, click on the corresponding task in your calendar, and pop-up window will display information about task stage.

In order that you do not need to check the calendar every time and view the upcoming tasks, the list of the nearest scheduled tasks will be displayed on the left of your account main page. Also, if you are on the candidate’s card page, there you can see tasks related to this candidate.

We are sure that Persia task scheduler will be your indispensable assistant in the effective time management!