Monday, January 29, 2018

HR event. Trends 2018 (Kiev)

Many large companies automate HR functions, free up time and resources to improve management and work directly with people.

For the 5th year in a row, JCI collect professionals in the field of HR "HR event. Trends 2018" to share the latest trends in human resources, job search, adaptation and appraisal of candidates, automation of HR department.

If you are: HR manager, head of HR department, business partner, specialist in corporate culture and internal communications, HR-brand manager — You just need to come to the event on February 24 in Kiev.

Registration is open at

You will find out:
  • What are the key HR trends in 2018? 
  • How to create and develop an ambitious team; 
  • Digital tools and technology in HR; 
  • How GameMarking can make HR work 100% effective; 
  • How to build a corporate culture competently.
Detailed program at

Friday, January 12, 2018

+3 useful additions in Applicant's card

We’ll start this year with 3 interesting additions in Applicant’s card section.

Leave notes in a special tabs

Recruiters often use a notebook and pen at interviews to briefly write down candidate’s answers. But if records were made hastily, it’s easy to get confused in them especially when you have to work with a large number of applicants. PersiaHR will help to avoid embarrassing situations!

To make a note go to the applicant’s card, then go to editing mode and open Additional tab. Here you can see a field for entries where you can write a note or comment, save the history of correspondence from the messenger, enter questionnaire answers and specify any other important information. After you have created the note, click Save Changes button. Additional tab will now be highlighted in green. At any time, this information can be edited.

!Please note that by default your notes will not be visible to customers, but you can make them visible. To do this, remove the check mark in the corresponding field

Filter comments by jobs

Surely, you are familiar with situation when one candidate is considered for several similar positions. In PersiaHR you can link one resume to several jobs. In applicant’s card on the left you can see comments to the resume that you, your colleagues and customers have left. Now this information can be filtered by job. To do this, use the drop-down list of jobs in Comments field.

Print the complete Applicant’s card (finalized)

We have improved the ability to print applicant’s card. Now the paper version will include contact information, lists of skills and categories, as well as the resume text. To do this, you need to use Print button in the upper right corner. 

We are sure that new additions will you help to preserve the necessary and, if necessary, navigate the information. And if you know how to make our system even more convenient we will be happy to know about your ideas!
+38 044 384 20 05
Skype: persiahr

Friday, April 28, 2017

Efficient recruiters choose task scheduler in Persia!

Roman commander Gaius Julius Caesar could do several things at the same time, but this is nothing compared to a recruiter who hunt for candidates for several vacancies at once. Recruiter had to call one candidate, write to another, review feedback from job sites, schedule an interview, show resumes to a customer, etc. We know how important and valuable your time is, therefore we added a scheduler to Persia.

How does it work?

To schedule a task, you need to go to Calendar, in the right upper corner click Schedule, and scheduler window will open. Choose an action: it can be Task, Call, Letter or Meeting. Then specify date and time. In the same window you will see if you have other events scheduled for this day — this will help you to avoid overlapping.

Next, mark the task with the obligatory Subject field. For example, if you have appointed a meeting with the customer, you can write in the topic for what reason. Below in field Description you can write down the questions you need to ask the client. You can also attach resume or vacancy to the task.

For example if you’re going to give a feedback to candidate by phone, you can schedule a Call, specify topic, write briefly what you want to tell him, in the column Jobs select necessary one, and in the Resume line enter candidate’s surname. The system will offer you resume options from your candidate database, and you only need to select the required one.

Here you can also specify the Contractor — it can be one of the recruiters connected to account: just select it from the list. In addition, task can be hidden from other users or made visible. To do this, check corresponding box.

After all the information is filled, click the Schedule button, and task will be displayed in your calendar.

If you have appointed the person responsible for task, this person will receive notification in Persia. In the future, the contractor will be able to mark task stage, and you would track it. To do this, click on the corresponding task in your calendar, and pop-up window will display information about task stage.

In order that you do not need to check the calendar every time and view the upcoming tasks, the list of the nearest scheduled tasks will be displayed on the left of your account main page. Also, if you are on the candidate’s card page, there you can see tasks related to this candidate.

We are sure that Persia task scheduler will be your indispensable assistant in the effective time management!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New tariffs in Persia

Persia main task is recruiting processes optimization. Every day we work to make our users’ job comfortable and effective. Taking new decisions, we choose what will be more convenient for our customers. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have revised Persia tariffs.

From 6 tariff plans you can choose the right one for your team. Among the new tariffs, you will find options for large and medium-sized companies, recruitment agencies and even freelancers.

Please note: when paying for 3 or 6 months you will get additional discounts. 

We are sure, with Persia you can optimize not only recruiters team work, but also your company finances!

Talented candidates, loyal customers and interesting projects to you!

Friday, November 4, 2016

"Persia" is now in your smartphone

Working days of recruiters as well as some weekends are full of important meetings, which are not rare to occur outside of the office. What would you do when you urgently need to find information in the system, but the computer is not at hand?

We have great news for you — you can now easily work in "Persia" from any mobile device! All you need is to connect your gadget to the Internet, then open a browser and log in to

Set the "Persia" bookmark on the desktop of your mobile device. This process usually takes no more than 5 seconds and in the future it will give you the opportunity for quick access to your account. It is simple:
  • open on your device; 
  • go to "Settings" section; 
  • select "Add to Home Screen"; 
La Voie! You now have a shortcut for "Persia" on the desktop of your mobile device.

5 reasons to use the mobile version of "Persia":
  1. You can avoid awkward situations. For example, you can always check on the candidate’s name during the interview or see any other important information related to him. 
  2. You can quickly respond to resume and contact the candidate before the competitors do. 
  3. You can always access your calendar and remember about the upcoming interviews. 
  4. If you forget to contact the applicant, you can always send him a letter from "Persia", and it will be saved in your interaction history with the candidate. 
  5. You will be able to be keep in touch with the customer and to respond promptly to his requests on weekends or while you are outside the office. 

This is only a small part of the tasks which you can easily handle, because the mobile version of "Persia" allows you to:
  • view notifications; 
  • check incoming CV; 
  • view candidates’ contact information and resumes; 
  • to search the database for suitable candidates; 
  • to correspond with candidates; 
  • view the calendar of interviews; 
  • appoint the interview; 
  • view the history of interaction with the candidate; 
  • view job; 
  • see job vacancies, see resumes and jobs vacancies added by other recruiters.

And if you will need to use other features of the system from your mobile device — you can always change the mobile version to the regular one. That’s easy: you just go to your account settings and click the "Full version" link.

Owing to the mobile version of "Persia" system all the necessary information is always at your fingertips!

We wish you productive work and inspirational rest!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To find the right candidate in your database — easy!

Good news for our users — search engine in "Persia" has become more convenient. We know how important it is for a recruiter to orient themselves quickly in their own candidate database, so we’ve added new search parameters and improved the existing ones.

Jobs search. In search parameters we’ve added the ability to look for candidates who are already connected to specific vacancies, but they also have required categories for the new job. For example, a month ago, you have successfully shut down the marketing position, and now you’ve got the task to find a content manager for the customer. You suspect that your database has candidates who are suitable for the new job by category and skills. To find resumes you need to use the vacancies search. To begin you should define among which candidates’ position you want to find resumes. If necessary note the category and skills to filter out unsuitable candidates, and the result will give you a summary of suitable applicants.

By the way, we have improved the search by category. Now, if you request to find two or more categories and select additional skills, the result will show you the resume which matches the best to your request.

And what if you need to find a resume of the candidate, who lives in another country or city? The search by a country and a city — is few more new advanced search options. With this capability, you can easily find those candidates in your database in whos resumes is indicated the country and / or the city you are interested in.

We have also improved the keyword search option. As before, you can choose the appropriate search mode "all words", "any" or "accurate", but now the system will give you the result in such an order — name, CV, comments on the CV and history.

In addition, you now have the ability to add the job to the resume directly from the search results. You can link to the job all of found CVs, or select just few candidates. You can also import general information about the candidates from the search results to Excel-documents directly.

Regarding to "Persia" advanced search, you can navigate your candidate database more quickly and get the most accurate results in a short time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Freelance recruiter — a new category of users in "Persia"

Despite the heat of summer and the holiday season, we continue to work on improving our system. This time we want to please our customers with another useful feature. Now you can connect freelance recruiters to your account in "Persia".

Freelance recruiter is able to: 

  • access the base of your company’s candidates; 
  • add new candidates’ resumes; 
  • to create the vacancy or to work with the vacancy that is assigned to him. 

At the same time the information on current vacancies and work statistics of other recruiters is unavailable to freelancer. He also is not allowed to edit or delete the job which has been added by other users.

To use this feature you need to go to "User Management", click "Add User", fill in the information form about the recruiter and in the "Access Type" field select "freelance recruiter". Then again, click "Add User" and information on how to connect to the system will be sent to the recruiter’s mentioned e-mail.

We are certain that the new feature will allow you to work more effectively in situations that require "extra hand" to close the position.

We remind that in "Persia" there are categories of users "administrator" and "recruiter". An account administrator can add to the system both new recruiters and freelance recruiters. Besides, each team member can provide access to the information about job openings and candidates to an unlimited number of customers for whom he is picking up the staff.

And we wish you generous customers, talented colleagues and productive work!